Content Potion

Not ready for a complete PR package?  I get that.  That's why I want to offer all you brand babes and dudes the opportunity to get back to business while I handle your copy services.  Good copy increases sales and keeps your existing audience engaged with you at top of mind.  You already have their attention with your savvy Instagram pics, but taking that a step further with actual content you can direct them to will allow your fans to explore your business further.  Good content creates a gateway for customers to jump from your social media page directly to your website for exploration.  Once on your website, allow your readers to kick off their shoes and stay a while with even more valuable goodies for them to peruse.  Once they become engrossed in your "content potion"'s like MAGIC-producing revenue!

Yes, my dear!  Think about it...why should you as a business owner have to juggle well, you know...everything?!  From accounting to contracts to executing your actual services and products into the market, - your hands are mighty full.  Sometimes we just can't do all the things.  You cannot sacrifice running your business and taking special care of your clients by staying up late at night coming up with content ideas and literally everything you post on social media on a consistent basis.  It's not fair and it's taking up too much of your time or somewhere the ball is getting dropped (and you know it).

That's where your magical content-producing unicorn, Meredith, comes in.

So, you will come up with amazing content ideas, produce them and help promote them for me?

Okay, well how much does My own personal Content Potion-Producing  unicorn cost?

I am so glad you asked!  You are a super savvy entrepreneur with no time to waste, so let's get down to business.  We have created a copywriter package just right for you and hey, this will simultaneously increase your SEO (party bonus!).

- 2 blog posts per month.
- 2 different styles of social media graphics per blog post for posting on social media (did you know Pinterest graphics should look different than Instagram graphics?  No?  Well, we do, so you don't have to).
- A monthly newsletter sent to your audience promoting blog posts and anything else you would like us to include.  Don't have an email subscriber list?  We can help with that, too.
- Website copy audit.  Listen, if I am driving folks to your website, I want them to stay there.  I'll review your copy and if I feel like some things need a'changing I will send you some proposals.  Don't worry, we won't change anything without your permission.