Meredith Corning is a public relations agent for the wedding, fashion, tech and hospitality markets.  Meredith has been working in the PR sector for nearly two decades and is a master at placing businesses in the public eye using her creative eye.

Public Relations

I am equal parts creative and logistics-minded.  After spending years in the fashion, wedding and hospitality industries, I know what it takes to show up and show out online and throughout the print markets.  I am most at home making businesses shine and that is my dream for you.

About ME

I choose to work solo.  What does this mean for you?  I only work with four clients at a time, so if you are my client you receive my laser focus on your brand.  While most PR firms work with hundreds of clients, you will be working with only me and I will take special care of our professional relationship.

Just Me

Be in the Inner Circle

After spending years in the public relations, marketing and events sector, Meredith Corning PR has chosen a different path than most PR agencies.  As a client, you can rest assured that you are part of an inner circle that has been meticulously selected.

There are ideals that one learns as they grow and for Meredith Corning PR, the lesson is  that work is at its maximum potential when collaborative alignment of all parties are in sync.  Therefore, we choose each other to work with and our inner circle is small.   Four clients, one PR agent, countless opportunities.  Download our PR Deck here.

RebeccaMarie Reynolds, Editor-In-Chief
Novelty Luxe Magazine
Atlanta, Georgia

Meredith was able to bring up the profit of our magazine and increase SEO as our marketer in 2018-2019. She is absolutely wonderful to work with, professional and I have confidence in her abilities.

Joe Snell, Owner
Central Arkansas Entertainment
Little Rock, Arkansas

Meredith has been working with Central Arkansas Entertainment since 2015 as our Public Relations consultant.  She has invented creative ways for us to reach our target market and gain large clients based on her expertise in content creation as well as public and client outreach.  We love working with her and having her on our team!

Shamirra Clark, Fashion Designer
Richie Clark Clothing
Little Rock, Arkansas

Meredith helped me move my fashion line into boutiques, taught me how to contract clients for custom designs,  gained me a ton of press, and even planned some boutique fashion shows to showcase my work publicly.  It's also handy that she knows how to build websites and make updates as I designed new products.  Love working with Meredith!

Tom Korpitz, Owner
Fred Astaire Dance Studio
Memphis, Tennessee

While Meredith was working for the Memphis Fred Astaire Dance Studio as our Public Relations Manager, she moved our website from page 4 to page 1 of Google, gained us media attention and even got one of our dance videos to go viral.  She is a dependable, hard-working, loyal team member. 

Tess Mann, Owner and Fashion Designer 
Couture By Tess Bridal
Cookeville, TN

Meredith certainly knows her stuff - you can never go wrong seeking out her services for PR.   We started getting brides flying in from other states to visit our couture bridal store.

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