Who is Meredith?

Meredith Corning is a writer, marketing strategist, PR guru, SEO nerd, content creator and business mentor.

Meredith segued from the marketing and public relations sector into establishing her own successful wedding planning business in 2013, Meredith Events, and learned the ins and outs of how to gain clients and credibility through the same techniques she mastered as a public relations expert early in her career.  

Publications such as Novelty LuxeTHINK, and The Pink Bride, brought Meredith in as a regular contributor, style and travel editor and styled photo shoot coordinator.   Writing content on and interviewing subjects such as Shangri-La Paris, Earthship Biotecture, and Dubai Bulgari Hotels are the types of documented subjects in her editorial repertoire.  

In 2013, Meredith published her first hybrid fashion magazine - ebook (often referred to as a mook) entitled Fashion Industry Today, a compilation of interviews with modern fashion industry leaders, fashion designers and influencers.  She  quickly followed up in 2014 with Fashion Industry Yesterday, in similar form taking a look at the history of the fashion industry.  In 2014, Meredith started her own print wedding magazine called Bridal Savoir Faire, which corresponded with an annual wedding show and gained traction in the local markets of central Arkansas until she and her family moved to Memphis, Tennessee.

Founder of Meredith Corning Enterprises, Meredith has established herself as an independent marketing and public relations consultant since 2011.  Her passion is small businesses and she has worked with fashion designers, retail stores, entertainment and hospitality industry companies as well as  publications in the print and digital sector.

Meredith studied writing for children's books and is a graduate of The Institute of Children's Literature in Madison, Connecticut.  She also studied studio art and is a graduate of the Stratford Art Institute in Montreal, Canada.  She has many illustrated and written children's books manuscripts sitting in her closet she has never gotten around to publishing, but was just as satisfied sharing them with her two daughters as they grew up reading her collection.  You will see her love of fanciful artwork and remnants of her stylized writing sprinkled throughout this website.

Now residing in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas, Meredith spends her days focused on using her wealth of talents to help businesses thrive.  She's your right-hand gal on achieving a beautiful narrative and public image for your brand.

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Meredith's PR Office Mascot

If there's anything Meredith loves more than PR, it's dressing up her little rescue dog Bijou (don't judge - he loves it!).  We are not sure of his breed since he's a rescue, but are pretty sure he is of some chihuahua flavor.  He sits by her side all day while Meredith works giving her kisses and cuddles to keep her inspired.

The Caped Crusader Photo by Art/Photography by Sydney Rasch